Book Launch! And Blog Tour.

It's finally here - Dragonfly Song will be in stores across Australia next Monday.  (The wait might not have seemed as long to you, but it's been on my computer for a long time, and in my heart for longer, and I'm actually having trouble believing that it's really going out into the world now.)

So if you're in Melbourne, I'd love you to come and celebrate its launch at Readings in Hawthorn, at 4 pm on July 2. Yes, election day - but wouldn't it be great to slip back to 1460 BCE for an hour or so and let present day politics slip away? I'm really thrilled to have Kirsty Murray launching it, so come and hear what she has to say.

And in the meantime, I'm hopping around a great bunch of blogs. Booktopia started off with 10 Terrifying Questions yesterday, and today was an interview on Creative Kid Tales. 

You can also read an excerpt on my website - and of course you can send me a question here! 

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