Nim's Island Book to Screen exhibition at Belconnen Library

The Lu Rees Archives at the University of Canberra holds all my papers, and as part of the Boundless Canberra Festival of Children's Literature, they'll be mounting a Nim's Island Book to Screen exhibition at Belconnen Library from October 4 to November 17. The exhibit includes translations, movie version, film script, handwritten notes, script outline and scenes, movie memorabilia. 

It's the first time these have ever been exhibited. In fact, I've never seen them all set out in any order (I just sent them things in a big box)
so I really wish I could see it myself - I must ask for a picture!

Here are a few of the different interpretations of the movie tie-in cover.

They (actually I heard it was Kate & Emma - thank you!)  have also prepared a couple of fun work sheets - a Nim's Island Find-A-Word, and a Design-Your-Own-Island. Click the link below for the worksheets and details of the exhibition, and of the whole wonderful festival. 

Public Exhibitions at Canberra Libraries : Festival of Australian Children's Literature, Canberra, 2012 : University of Canberra