ReadPlus Review of Rainbow Street Pets

 Lovely review of Rainbow Street Pets (the Australian edition of the Rainbow Street Shelter series) in Read Plus's review blog:

Recommended. Pet stories are very popular with children and this is an excellent collection of six stories in one book.
Each chapter features an animal and tells how they became involved in the Rainbow Street Animal Shelter. The stories vary from a lost dog, an unwanted lion cub and a stolen horse. Of course they are not only stories of the animals but of the people who are involved with them, the separated owners, the animal shelter workers and the eventual new homes the animals find.
Children who want a pet of their own will identify with the longing of the children in this novel, but Wendy Orr demonstrates that although a pet brings love and companionship there are responsibilities as well, such as grooming, cleaning, exercising and training.
These heart warming stories often connect to each other, with characters appearing in more than one chapter.

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