Presenting new book babies

As an author, it's sometimes easy to be so caught up in a book that I forget that the other people involved also care passionately about it. (Which is silly, really, because during the months of editing discussions,  to-ing and fro-ing with changes and suggestions ranging from commas to chapter order and character behaviour, it's pretty clear how much editors care! Which is maybe why I sometimes think that editing is one of my favourite stages of writing. I love knowing that someone else is as involved in the story and its people, as I am. This has been especially so with the Rainbow Street Shelter series, since we've now been working on them for several years.)

Still, this picture from twitter, via @RoccoA, of Noa Wheeler presenting WANTED! A Guinea Pig Called Henry, was a lovely reminder that the editors are just as proud parents of new book babies as are the author and illustrator (in this case, Patricia Castelao. And Patricia, if you happen to read this - I LOVE these pictures!)

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