Studying my study notes

After my desperate plea for any teachers who still had study notes on Peeling the Onion, a twitter follower sent me the web archive to my original web page. That kindness inspired me, and I have been working on the notes all day. A pdf of suggestions by a group of student teachers has disappeared, but I have a hard copy, and am transcribing or adapting the better ones.

Even though  given countless talks on this book over the years, creating new notes on the text 16 years after writing is still an interesting opportunity for reflection. Probably not a bad life lesson either: it makes a much happier day to enjoy that reflection and the new task instead of being irritated with myself for  not having been better organised, and resenting the task because I want to be in my new story.

And it's certainly an opportunity to be grateful that people are still studying my book in schools after all this time.

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