2011 - The year that was!

It's been a year of new books: Raven's Mountain in Australia,
 and the start of the Rainbow Street Shelter series in North America, with 
Missing! A Cat Called Buster - Wendy Orr; interior illustrations by Susan BoaseLost! A Dog Called Bear - Wendy Orr; interior illustrations by Susan Boase
LOST! A Dog Called Bear, and MISSING! A Cat Called Buster.

There were Writers Festivals in Perth and Brisbane, being a Premier's Reading Ambassador, school and bookshop talks around Melbourne and Victoria, and the honour of launching Song Of The Dove for Errol Broome & Sonia Kreutschmar, and Squish Rabbit for Katherine Battersby. 
There was some wonderful travel and the start of new projects in Denmark and France. 

And most importantly, there was good health, happy family reunions, good friends, and gratitude for a good life. What more could anyone ask! 

Wishing everyone the best for the New Year, in life, reading and writing, and a 2012 to be grateful for, all over again.