A Book and a Hug reviews The Princess & her Panther

A Book and a Hug - The Princess and the Panther

Lovely review! It's always a good feeling when a reviewer understands what you're aiming at in a book (and better yet, likes the way you've done it.)The Princess and the Panther

Ah, the adventure of putting up a tent and camping out overnight in your own backyard. You spend the day getting everything set up and then night comes and it gets awfully dark! ..... The joy of playing house and dressing up and letting your imagination take you afar is celebrated in this gorgeously illustrated story and the fear of the night plays second fiddle and is quickly vanquished

And I could hardly argue with her closing statement: "We could use a few more like this one to inspire the young imaginations around us."

For the full review at abookandahug.com: A Book and a Hug - The Princess and the Panther

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