Good things come to an end..

Well, here we are again at the's been a wonderful 5 and a half weeks, but now it's time for home.

We've spent the last two days in LA, and good things have happened. Went out to Disney to have lunch with the screenwriter who's working on a pitch for the House at Evelyn's Pond - we're gradually getting there. And it was fun seeing the Disney studios.

And though nothing's official yet, the Nim at Sea movie idea is now also looking very good. I thought it would have been fun if I could have signed a contract while I was here - but I'm very happy to have just had the celebratory dinner with Paula Mazur! The friendships that have come out of this process are the best thing of all.

Also at dinner were Robert Mickelson, the producer of the Paradise Palace project, and the exec from Peace Arch; they showed me a trailer of work from the writers involved, which made me laugh out loud - and feel very excited about the project.

So, a very exciting end to a great holiday. And now, I'm ready to go home, settle down to work... and settle my little dog in again.