Watch Nim's Island, become a more helpful person...

Brad Bushman of Michigan University of Michigan’s School for Social Research – set up a simple experiment to see how we are affected by what we watch:

" staged “a minor emergency” just outside one of two cinemas – one showing the violent horror film The Ruins, the other featuring the family-friendly Nim’s Island. On four occasions – as patrons were either entering or exiting the theater for each film-- a woman with a wrapped ankle suggesting an injury or sprain dropped her crutches. The moviegoers witnessed her struggling to pick them up."

It seems that watching The Ruins made people 26% slower to help than if they watched Nim's Island.

I've read similar research before, but this was more specific than any I'd seen, with the 4 comparisons, and involved adults.

I'd love to know whether any similar research has been doing with what we read. I know how strongly what I read affects me, and I doubt that I'm unique in that.

To read the whole article:

Miller-McCune | Article | Depicted Violence Desensitives Viewers to Real Violence