Movieguide Best Family Film Award

What a thrill to hear that Nim's Island has been nominated for the "Best Movie for Family Audiences" at the upcoming MOVIEGUIDE Awards on February 11th.

It's going to be a gala, red carpet event and I'd certainly be going if I were a bit closer to LA. It's always wonderful to be recognised, and of course I'm especially pleased when it's to do with the story, which has come so straight from my book.
Years ago the book received a Family Media award in the US, and was listed as recommended for single parent families; it especially pleased me when I remembered that one publisher rejected the book because he felt that Jack was not a good father.

I've always thought that Jack was a good father who made a mistake in leaving his child alone, and who had bad luck that nearly turned that mistake into a disaster. I've never thought that children would be harmed by knowing that a loving father could make a mistake or have bad luck, especially when it turns out all right in the end!

It's nice to know that so many people agree.... cross your fingers for us!

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