Movie Piracy

Someone just emailed to say how much he loved the Nim's Island movie - but that he'd watched it online because he didn't want to pay!

I'm not completely sure whether he was a real person or spam, but if he was a real person, I'm certainly not sure why he thought I'd like to know that he was stealing the movie!

It mightn't seem like stealing to watch a movie on your computer without paying to go and see it or paying for the download or dvd when it comes out. But it is. Movies cost a lot of money to make and if too many people decide to watch without paying, then they won't be able to make more movies. Remember that real people work to write the books, write the scripts, produce it and act in it... and if they don't get paid they won't go on doing it.

So, everyone who's been writing to ask if Nim at Sea will also be filmed - tell your friends not to pirate Nim's Island!