Cameo Spotting

Tom and I went to see Nim's Island again on Sunday, wanting to watch it just as a movie, anonymously. There was a bigger audience than I'd expected, since it's been on at Rosebud Cinema since April 3, and we enjoyed hearing them laugh, and watching the children near us, as well as watching the movie itself.

And since lots of people have been asking, I also worked out how to spot my cameo: it's the very start of the airport scene, right after Galileo flies away with the toolbelt. I didn't seem it myself the first two times I saw the movie, although it's actually quite clear when you do see it - interesting to see how our mind takes a second to adjust at the change of scene, so we don't actually take in the first thing we see. (At least, I guess that's how it works.) Anyway, I'm in a black coat and bright scarf, putting my bag on the security screening belt. Kerry Millard, the book's illustrator, is right behind me, in a fawn ski sweater, and much easier to spot. (Tom, who originally started the scene off, unfortunately landed on the cutting room floor.)

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