Red Carpet

Well, what a day it was! Somehow, as I write this on the other side of the world in Santa Monica, it seems more than a weekend ago - which doesn't mean that I'm likely to forget it...

It started with hair and makeup (wouldn't it be nice to have professionals like that on call whenever you need them!) and then the press screening of the film (and yes, the report that said I was dabbing away tears was quite right. I suspect that it would have been a lot worse if I hadn't been so conscious of the makeup!) There were simply so emotions: I was curious to see how the film would fit together, anxious to see if it worked, incredulous that it was actually there, and real, but most of all, extremely moved to see my characters and my story brought to life. But the more I watched, the more I was caught up in what was happening on the screen, at the moments of beauty, drama, or comedy. THere were moments when I thought, 'Yes! That's exactly how I saw it!" and other moments when I was transfixed by the screen presence of each of the actors. I badly want to see it again now that all those other emotions can be laid to rest, because the overwhelming feeling was relief and joy - I really like it, and I truly believe it's good.

And then a quick change into the beautiful Argyro Gavalas dress and onto the Red Carpet. It was a heady feeling, like winning an award - admittedly, children's book awards don't tend to have the press clustered around with microphones and cameras - and I think Tom enjoyed it too!

Afterwards, Jodie Foster and I recorded a Community Service announcement for the MS Readathon - a cause I've always supported for both its encouragement of reading and the research into Multiple Sclerosis. However it was ridiculous how dry-mouthed I felt at the recording; I've talked to audiences of up to 5000, and have been interviewed on TV, but this was something new and so I was nervous. Jodie was great, and I felt that I learned a lot in those three short takes. If we'd just had a dozen more...

Then a couple more interviews for me - many more for Jodie - and the day was over. And the next day, Good Friday, I flew to LA.