that lovely shiny new story feeling

I've got that lovely about-to-start-a-new-story feeling today. The story and characters have been mulling around for ages - part of it for years - and I can feel now that as soon as I'm confident that I've got the characters' names right, I can start writing. Probably not today, but with a bit of luck their names will be well enough settled that I can start next week; today I can keep the story in that beautiful shining glow that surrounds a new project before the concrete words have started pinning it into place.

I've got a couple of other projects going on too, but they concern other people as well so I'll wait a bit longer to talk about them. I'll just say I've got some fingers crossed...

And this afternoon I'm going back to Rye Primary School to visit the kids in the library enhancement group who've been running the What if Everyone in Rye read the Same book (Nim's Island) project. I've heard that it's going well, but I'll be very interested to hear exactly what they've been doing.