a good dog story

I really thought I was going to get started on my new book this week, probably not actually writing but the stage of getting down some detailed notes and choosing the characters' names, which are still eluding me.... but Monday our 15 1/2 year old border collie Bear became very ill and it seemed that we spent most of the week at the vet's.

But he had surgery Thursday; we were told he'd be in all weekend... but he was anxious to get started on all the things we'd promside him if he just got better, so he was ready Saturday morning. Our son James came home for the weekend too – so Sunday we kept one of the promises and all went to one of Bear's very favourite place: Tuck's Ridge Vineyard, where there's a lovely leash free walk down past the vines to the dam. Of course he had to skip the walk this time but was quite content to sit at the cafe and talk to all his favourite people.

Next week...