Australian Young Writers

Last night Tom and I went to the Children's Charity Network dinner to celebrate the Australian Young Writers and Artists. Of course it was a great - and glitzy!- night catching up with friends and meeting some new people, but it was also a real thrill to meet the kids who'd been selected as the winners from all the thousands of young Australian writers and artists who'd entered. I've been reading the book of the winning entries during the day, and it's very exciting to see what they've accomplished. The winning art was displayed last night too - some amazing pieces. I especially loved the painting of an erupting volcano!

One of the nicest moments of the evening was when everyone at our table introduced ourselves - we were sitting with Shaun Bullock and his parents, from Tamworth in Queensland - and soon discovered that he'd won the the Young Australian Writer of the Year. How lovely to be able to share the experience with them!

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