What if Everyone in Rye Read the Same Book?

(And the book is Nim's Island)

Here's the Rye Primary School library bulletin board. I had the most fabulous time there two weeks ago, when I opened their 'What if Everyone in Rye read the same book?' event. The band played, I cut a huge (and delicious!) cake – and best of all,met some fantastic kids and their super enthusiastic teaching staff. I think this project is quite incredible, and kids and staff all need to be commended for it. With their teachers' support, the kids in the Library Enhancement Group wrote to me to invite to their opening, organised the cake, the school band, and various other things behind the event... and now, as well as everyone in the school being encouraged to read Nim's Island or have their parents read it to them, they're going to take copies out to the Shire Offices, the Bowls Club, down the street to the local shops, so that wherever you go in Rye, you can chat to anyone you meet about the book.

I'd think this was the most fantastic, community & literature project I've ever heard of no matter what the book was. And that it's Nim's Island.... well, that's just incredibly special.

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