Hollywood Dreaming

Lots of nice things happening lately:

Lisa at the Red Hill Day Spa gave me a facial, saying it was her contribution to the movie! Beautifying me might be a lost cause, but the experience was wonderful. Why have I waited so long to discover this?

The Rye Primary School wrote to say they're holding a 'What if everyone in Rye read the same book?' event - and the book is Nim's Island. What an honour!

Rose of Le Club Laire has donated a tree in my name, and another one for Nim, to the Phantom Phorest, a forest regeneration project in the Scottish Highlands. I am so moved by that!

I'll talk more about those events when I get back, but now I'm packing for a visit to the studios. (Okay, yes, I'm extremely excited!) I'll be back in a week, but won't be checking emails in between - so if you want to write, please hang off till then.