Mokie and Bik set sail

A busy month for books coming out - now it's Mokie and Bik in the USA, with Jonathan Bean's energetic, very beautiful illustrations. In fact, the whole production of this book is quite lovely. I can say that, because that part of it is nothing to do with me. My part ended ages ago, about a year ago, I think. In fact, it's quite funny because the week my advance copies arrived in my mailbox, I was answering copy editing suggestions (usually with, 'yes, you're right,' or 'Rats! Why didn't I see that myself!' Which of course is exactly why copy editors were invented.) - and the following week I started the third in the series. It was a good time to do it, because I'd just been reading the second manuscript aloud, and the rhythm was strong in my head.

The stories are based on my dad and his twin sister's childhood on a boat in Vancouver harbour in the early 1930s. (The less likely the story seems, the more closely it's based on truth).

As my aunt said, when my mom told her I was working on the third book, 'Oh good! I can't wait to see what we did next!'