fantastic fansites

One of the unexpected bonuses about the Nim's Island movie has been the people it's brought me contact with. Henrik at the Jodie Foster site, Tamara and Cheryl (or Kaione?) from Gerard Butler dot net - I can't believe how hard these people work at this behind the scenes support! I've put links in but have a look now - and also at the two Abby sites (I couldn't decide between them - the Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler links were easier because they contacted me, as well as being such brilliant sites I wouldn't have needed to look further anyway.)

So have a look, and admire people with the skill to put together such great looking and efficient sites. I find it hard enough just to do the links!

Jodie | Your no #1 Jodie Foster fansite

Gerard Butler dot net The Officially Unofficial Fan site

Abigail Breslin Online []

Miss Abigail Breslin -