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Sunday, May 27, 2007

fantastic fansites

One of the unexpected bonuses about the Nim's Island movie has been the people it's brought me contact with. Henrik at the Jodie Foster site, Tamara and Cheryl (or Kaione?) from Gerard Butler dot net - I can't believe how hard these people work at this behind the scenes support! I've put links in but have a look now - and also at the two Abby sites (I couldn't decide between them - the Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler links were easier because they contacted me, as well as being such brilliant sites I wouldn't have needed to look further anyway.)

So have a look, and admire people with the skill to put together such great looking and efficient sites. I find it hard enough just to do the links!

Jodie Foster.nu | Your no #1 Jodie Foster fansite

Gerard Butler dot net The Officially Unofficial Fan site

Abigail Breslin Online [Abby-Breslin.net]

Miss Abigail Breslin - Abigail-breslin.net


Giorgia said...

Well, Gerry has a verra, VERRA solid and supportive fanbase (and I guess Jodie Foster has a similar one, too, she's a big name... and Abigail Breslin is really talented and sooo cute, I loved her in Little Miss Sunshine!), and it's not just GB-dot-net, there's plenty of amazing Gerry fansites, all linked to each other as "ours" it's a huge FANmily... :)

As for myself, I really can't wait to see Nim's Island - my nephew is still too little, but when he's grown up enough to sit through an entire movie without crying for mommy or cookies, that will surely be one Gerry movies I'll watch with him (at least I won't have to cover his toddler's eyes when there's a "oh-look-Gerry's-groping-a-female-beauty-again" scene in the movie, as I reckon there won't be such a scene, will there? :D).

Anonymous said...

A sister fansite to gb.net, for Gerry Butler is gerardbutlergals.com.

Just as organized, loaded with info and fun fans.

BTW, we are SO looking forward to seeing your book interpreted into a movie.

How can it go wrong, with Gerry and Jodie, two of the actors I truly admire, and then the fresh face of Abigail.

If you've seen "Dear Frankie", you get a hint of how Gerry will become a great Dad on film.

Tiana said...

Thanks for supporting Miss Abigail ( http://abigail-breslin.net) and posting a link in your blog! We apprieciate it :)


Mirtika said...

I'm an uber fan of Gerry's. Even have a blog just about him.

BUT.. I love Jodie Foster. And I still regret she didn't get to make that movie with Russell Crowe. That would have been an acting feast!

Jodie doesn't make that many films, and even when I don't like the film much, like FLIGHT PLAN, I still think she's wonderful. Smart and beautiful and so talented. Wish she made more movies.

I second the comment about Gerry Butler Gals. TERRIFIC site. Gerry fans are wonderful. So helpful and friendly and just a hoot. Gerry attracts nice people. :)


Rose said...

Hi Wendy,

I am so glad you mentioned the fantastic GerardButler.net fansite here, it is indeed very special and has incredible members. Thank you. Gerard Butler is the best leading man around and i cannot wait to see him portray your character in Nim's Island, his emotional acting range is without equal in my opinion and so is his charisma. Ever since The Phantom Of The Opera especially, he has acquired a worldwide fanbase that
is without equal, as you will see. I hope you will take a look in more often.


Anonymous said...

I just read your book, and I have to say it was really good. I did not expect a children's book to hold my attention like that. There is so much room for character development for Jodie, Gerry, and Abby. This is the type of movie that will capture the attention of small children right up through the Grandparents! Of which I am one!

People now days are so interested in the "process" of how a film is made, and all the back story, and the different out takes that are so funny, or may have changed the direction of the movie, or that were cut out of the film.

Is that the type of video diary you have in mind? I am so excited for your book and your input to be made into this movie. I know I am only one of many. But I truly think this movie will be a hit.

Recently the WRATH OF GODS was a short docudrama about what it took to get BEOWULF AND GRENDEL made, on site in Iceland. Gerry starred as BEOUULF, and the behind the scenes efforts, were extraordinary to see. It has been in numerous film festivals, and has won awards.
Do you think your video diary might be made into something similar?


Ms_H said...

Nim's Island was recently recommended to me by a friend. I had picked it up to read to my nearly 4 year old nephew, because he loves adventures. Now, I have learned that it will be a movie soon and with three wonderful actors. That is fantastic! Congrautlations!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to buy the book, but I still deciding if I going to read in English or in Portuguese (I'm from Portugal)... I'm one of Gerard's fans (belonging to GB.net and GALS); his work is excellent...but i think is even better as a human being... and about Jodie Foster... since the begining I'm her fan... she's just amazing when she's acting...
I'm just hoping forward to see this movie...

Anonymous said...

Gerard is a fantastic actor, there isn't any character that he can't make 'real'.

That is his one unique talent to completely convince you that what you're watching is real. I agree that Phantom of the Opera is the best realization of a character that would have otherwise been nearly impossible to portray, but he reached an optimum with it.

I love Jodie Foster, she's one actor that I will go to see no matter what the film. She's brilliant! You have a wonderful cast worthy of your story & the result is going to be astoundng!

GB.net is a very good site for all things Gerard Butler & GB.GALS is equally as informative & a very relaxed, fun site.

Another excellent site for Gerard Butler is Le Club Lair, a very, very beautiful, relaxed & friendly run community.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to post here.

Wendy said...

Gerry's certainly got a lot of dedicated fans - I feel really privileged that you're all so supportive of the book as well as the movie. You're an amazing bunch - thank you.