an author learning to blog

Hello to anyone who's used to reading my diary at

I've decided that the time has come to learn to update it myself, without having to ask my wonderful website guru - and so I've started this blog. (That's a web log, for anyone like me who didn't know until a couple of weeks ago.) I'm hoping I'll be able to update much more regularly than I did in my previous diary, as well as setting up sites for special events like
( I've also begun one for general tips on writing:

The first thing I discovered is that what everyone says is right: blogging is easy! However learning and setting up anything new takes a bit of time so I'll be adding to them gradually - I've still got to meet my deadlines and the other bits of an author's working life. But for those of you interested in publication I hope it'll give you a glimpse of that life - much less glamorous than people like to presume! You should be able to follow the progress of different projects from conception t0 publication - or screen.

happy reading!